Or: The Right Question To Ask

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Skill equals Knowledge times Experience

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Scrum is a promise to be broken at your own peril

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In your search for solutions, involve everyone benefiting from them

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Explaining Empiricism

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March 16th to 22nd

Max Heiliger takes us into the World of Warcraft

Maarten Dalmijn compares Scrum to Jazz. Nice.

Paddy Corry offers advice on a Mindset in times of Chaos

Sahin Guvenilir discusses acceptance versus pushing for change

Sahin Guvenilir also looks for self-organisation in football teams

Willem-Jan Ageling has a call to arms for Scrum Masters. Step Up!

Roland Flemm has 2 episodes of the Koos coach comic this week

Scott Weiner took a look into clarity for remote teams

Kerry Martin asks if we are raising Scrum Kids

Paddy Corry thinks Scrum left some stuff out? What gives?

Anshul Kapoor took a look at Trust in Remote Teams

Willem-Jan Ageling looks at leadership in times of Crisis

Scrum and Games Vol. 3

Horde War Map, © Blizzard Entertainment, all rights reserved, used under fair use.

Weak Signals and Scrum

© U.S. Department of State / Doug Thompson

It’s all Scrum and (Video) Games, Part 2

Max Heiliger

Scrum Master, Emancipator, Pressure Cooker. https://www.linkedin.com/in/max-heiliger-478b0614a/

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